Why Should You Hire Us?

Selling your home can be a stressful process – from figuring out the the right price to negotiating a good deal to working through the purchase process with a buyer. By choosing my team to help you list your home, you can rest assured that all the details will be smoothly taken care of with your best interest in mind.

Why You Want Us to Represent You:

We will help you understand the Market Value of your Home (by giving a more accurate comparison than online portals - taking into consideration your home’s condition, views, neighborhood, walkability, potential, etc.) and advise you on a competitive listing price.

We will offer suggestions on ways you can spruce up your home to get you the most return with the least amount from your pocket.

We will get professional photos taken of your home to market it to the widest range of audiences.

We will aggressively market your home on a multiplicity of venues so it has the greatest exposure – from the San Mateo and San Francisco MLS’s, to our website, social media, and other online portals and print media.

We will host open houses for you with a Buyer’s Agent so we can screen qualified buyers.

We put our experienced negotiation skills to work for to get you the most amount of money for your home.

Once you accept an offer, our team will coordinate the entire process and paperwork, providing excellent customer service to guide you through until close.

How to Prepare Your House for the Market:

Tidy Up - Get your home ready to show by cleaning out your garage and basement, putting items in storage, and removing personal photos and possessions. We want buyers to visualize their families in your home! Touch-up Paint – Rreshen up the inside & outside of your home Freshen Carpets – Replace or deep clean substantially-used areas Conduct a Thorough Cleaning – Maintain a clean and odor-free interior and exterior throughout the showing and purchase process.

Create Curb Appeal – Promote a strong first impression by trimming the foliage, mowing the lawn, removing leaves, and adding a few flowers for color. Make the front of your home fresh, attractive, and welcoming.

Discover issues early – Let us help you schedule inspections (home, pest, etc) to diagnose and address potential problems before bringing buyers in to help the selling process go smoother.

Consider professional staging – Think about creating higher buyer appeal by hiring a professional stager.

What to Expect During the Listing Period:

As we help you prepare your home for the market, we will help you prepare a disclosure package for buyers. This is a set of forms that help you share with buyers the condition of your home and help protect you legally in the sharing of that information.

You will need to have places to go when we show your home to buyers – either for planned open houses or requested private showings. As initial offers come in, our experienced team will guide you through working with offers and negotiating on your behalf. Be open to adjusting your expectations if few or no offers come in during the first few months.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, we will communicate and coordinate on your behalf with your Escrow/Title Officer and the Buyer’s team (Agent, Lender, Appraisers, Inspectors, etc).

During the Contingency Period of the contract (stage when the buyer seeks loan approval and initiates appraisals and inspections to continue on with the contract), be prepared to have a place to go during inspections, appraisals, etc. which we will coordinate on your behalf.

Once all contingencies are removed, we enter the Pending Period of the contract. This simply means the Buyer is getting final items and their loan in order to purchase the home. This will be the time when you should be getting moved out of the house and getting it professionally cleaned to prepare for the new owners. You must be sure to remove all personal items unless agreed upon to leave them with the Buyer. You will give us all keys / remotes / security codes to transfer to the Buyer after close.

Right before close of Escrow, we will arrange your signing appointment with the Escrow/Title officer, and the Officer will set up for any remaining mortgage to be paid off and for you to receive the proceeds from the sale!